Service Management

We help your service department to provide value to business by adopting internationally recognized standards and frameworks.We offer complete ITSM consulting and implementation services. Starting with an overall assessment of current IT processes and functions, identifying problems and applying solutions based on our experience and industry’s best practices (Ex. ITIL, Agile and ISO 20000). We also help you choose the best ITSM tool using our ITSM tool selection service.


ITSM Program Development

Full ITSM program development services as part of our ITSM consulting and implementation services. We build the whole ITSM program including policies, processes, procedures, software tools, staff training and awareness.


ISO 20000 Implementation.

Whether you are looking to get ISO 20000 certified or you just want to benchmark your ITSM processes against the international standard, we can help.


ITIL® Implementation 

ITSM consulting and implementation service to benchmark IT service management system in accordance with 26 processes and 4 functions of the ITIL framework.

Copyright Notice: ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.


Process Engineering.

ITSM process engineering services as part of our ITSM consulting and implementation services. ITSM processes tailored to the organization business needs and aligned with the industry best practices.


Service Catalogue Management.

Service catalogue design as part of our ITSM consulting services. We help you build a service catalogue that is easy for users to understand and at the same time clearly identifies back-end staff roles and responsibilities


Availability & Capacity Management

Availability and capacity management are two of the most important processes for a successful IT service management system. We can help building these processes separately or as part of ITSM implementation project.


Event, Incident & Problem Management.

Event, Incident and problem management are also important ITSM processes that overlap in some areas. We can help building these processes separately or as part of ITSM project


Measurements and Metrics.


ITSM analysis, measurements and metrics are all important factors that we generate and input into continual service improvement process.

ITSM Tool Assessment and Selection

While none of the international frameworks and standards bind organizations to implement a specific software tool, an ITSM tool is a must. After a comprehensive business understanding and careful consideration to the organization requirements and budget, we provide a short-list of recommended ITSM tools and assist in the initiation process. Contact us today for a general assessment for service management system. We determine current state of existing IT processes and perform a gap analysis against the industry’s best practices and frameworks.