Information Technology

Build your IT strategy on solid foundations with the assistance of FLEXCONS Technology consultants.


IT benchmarking service from FLEXCONS, is the first of its kind in the region. Using objective methods and techniques to identify business areas where IT cost can be optimized without negatively affecting your IT operations.IT benchmarking service from FLEXCONS, has proven methods reducing IT costs in organizations across Arabian Gulf and Middle east markets particularly in Saudi Arabia.Our IT benchmarking service provides even better results when integrated with ITSM consulting and implementation services from FLEXCONS.


Last decade was all about advances in information technology, new ideas and technologies popping up everywhere. Today, security and privacy are trending all over the world. Organizations are constantly preparing their troops to defend and protect their environment from the ever-changing security threats.


Network Security

Secure your perimeter, wired and wireless network, from any possible threats by applying changes that fits your infrastructure.


System Security

Make use of our long experience in information technology infrastructure design to select the best secure components for your organization.


Endpoint Security

With BYOD in-place, endpoint security becomes a tricky job. Protect desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles with top endpoint security products.


Data Protection

Policies, processes and procedures to protect your information asset and prevent data loss in your organization's infrastructure.